Q&A: Not born in Mexico, but he’s proud to be Hispanic

In fall 2016, there were 12,586 Hispanic students, which made up 52.24 percent of all El Camino students, according to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. 

Said Lopez, 24, sociology major is part of that 52.24 percent of  Hispanics in EC and he said that he is proud to be Mexican.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born here in California, but my parents are both from Mexico.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your culture?

A: I pretty much assimilate into American culture. I don’t speak that much Spanish, but both my parents immigrated here when they were younger. However, I’m proud to be Hispanic and I’ve been to Mexico like three times. My first thoughts were that it was really poor where I went. We had to shower with cold water, but I was never alone. There is always family cooking and having a good time with them.

Q: What is the most famous food from Mexico?

A: We have a lot of famous Mexican food, but the most famous I think are the tacos. The question is who hasn’t eaten tacos? because we have tacos trucks everywhere and we even have a day for tacos, which is Taco Tuesday.

Q: Do you think El Camino is a welcoming campus?

A: I think it is because based on the students you see and interact with, they are from different background, for example, I’m from here but my parents are from Mexico, but other students are from the Middle East or other countries. Definitely, EC is welcoming.

Q: Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone from another culture?

A: I remembered a class that I had two Japanese students and they were foreign exchange students. I know the way that they think is totally different from the way I think because they both were very shy and they didn’t speak up that much.



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